Aside from those rare moments of sudden inspiration, most of the finished artwork I produce begins life as a rough sketch.  These initial sketches are an artistic tool like any other, and they help to inform and shape the final piece.  I've always valued seeing the "before and after" of other artists' work, allowing me to connect the dots between final piece and first spark.  Often, these initial scribbles are more emotive, or posses more character or movement.  

Still, I am a sucker for a polished piece, especially if it will be forever frozen in time in a painting, book or print!  The dinosaur sketch (above) was conceived as one piece in a series of six pairings of Big Mo and a "big" buddy.  The idea for The Big Series came to me mid-flight, where I brainstormed a list of JUMBO animals that might make for a nice composition with my oversized iguana.


I first determined the best body position for the dinosaur, keeping in mind that the composition would need to format nicely within a 5x7 inch frame.  After that, I penciled Big Mo in a curious interaction with a fellow giant lizard!

Next came the "therapeutic" part - hours of painting with watercolor and a teensy brush...
Until, VOILA:

Mo & the Brachiosaurus are available on blank notecards at my online shop:


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