One of the best parts of writing for kids is getting reactions and feedback from readers.  I was so excited to receive a message from a very ambitious second grader, asking to send his summer project to the author of his favorite book, Big Mo - hey, that's me!  A few weeks later I received a package carrying a very special stowaway, Flat Joe.

Flat Joe is a friend of Flat Stanley, a popular children's book character created by Jeff Brown (and drawn by Tomi Ungerer**) who has become a global tool for children's literacy (click for more).  Stanley's story begins when he is flattened by a bulletin board and can suddenly slide under doors, or be mailed in an envelope.  

   |  Click book cover for original 1964 edition  |


|  Click book cover for original 1964 edition  |


**By the way, Tomi Ungerer is a wildly significant 20th century illustrator, and a personal favorite for his style, quirky creativity, and rebellious nature.  I highly recommend the film, Far Out Isn't Far Enough for a deeper look at his life and work.  Note: the film is DEFINITELY not safe for children! 

Stanley has traveled to countless destinations around the world - to engineers, farmers, zookeepers, world leaders and yes, even authors :)  I was HONORED to show Flat Joe around my home of San Francisco, and to share a few educational tidbits along the way.  Here are some highlights from Flat Joe's visit:

Big Mo's distant relative???

Joe's Travel Stops

Financial District, California Academy of Science, Fort Mason, Haight/Ashbury, Ocean Beach

I was so inspired by Joe's summer project, that I decided Mo should join me on my recent travels in Eastern Europe.  Introducing Flat Mo!

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Mo's Travel Stops

Row 1  |  Warsaw

Row 2  |  Krakow, Prague

Row 3  |  Brac, Makarska, Dubrovnik

Row 4  |  Zadar, Rome

Thank you, Joe and Pilar for including me in your world explorations!  

And as always, happy reading.